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All of our charms are made in the U.S.A. and are Lead Free.

This Pewter Piece is only available in Antique Pewter and has a slight gray finish. The finish is still considered shiney but the color runs the tiniest bit darker than some of the other Antique Silver Finished charms.

Finishes will vary by manufacturer and even sometimes from lot to lot from the same manufacturer. Always keep in mind these are pewter charms. Sometimes a customer is disappointed because they had expectations beyond what pewter charms are. Pewter is not as hard of a material as Sterling Silver. If you are looking for a high quality, bright piece you should be looking at our Sterling Silver Line.

When ordering charms keep in mind the time factors. If an item is out of stock the finish plays a part in getting that item. If out of stock Antique Gold finish takes approx. 3 weeks to ship and Light Antique Silver Finish can take even a little longer.


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