Bracelet Magnetic Hematite Clasp Single Strand 7 3/4" Single Strand (MAG-007)

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Bracelet Magnetic Hematite Clasp Single Strand  7 3/4" Single Strand  (MAG-007) image 1 Bracelet Magnetic Hematite Clasp Single Strand  7 3/4" Single Strand  (MAG-007) image 2 Bracelet Magnetic Hematite Clasp Single Strand  7 3/4" Single Strand  (MAG-007) image 3 Bracelet Magnetic Hematite Clasp Single Strand  7 3/4" Single Strand  (MAG-007) image 4

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Magnetic Hematite Bracelet THERAPEUTIC  7 3/4" Single Strand  (MAG-007)

Check the photos for specifics for this individual listing.

In general I use an assortment of but not including all Magnetic Hematite, Hematite, Rainbow Hematite, Crystal Beads, Czech Glass Beads, Agate beads etc. in my bracelets.

I have stopped doing craft sales so I have a ton of bracelets and jewelry to clear out.
My descriptions will be vague sorry about that. I will make sure to post several pictures in each listing.

Check out the "Closeout Sales" section of my store to see all the discounted Magnetic Bracelets 

These are below wholesale!

My step dad needed a hobby so he helped me and many of these bracelets have NOT been double checked.

Most are just fine and can be worn with confidence.

Others may have a weak end so consider this a kit if that is the case.
You are getting a deal as the clasp itself is worth the price I am starting this listing at.

You can now start making them yourself!  Here is the secret!! They are easy as can be to make.
Fishing Line, your beads and the magnetic clasp ends ... oh and a lighter.

Cut the Fishing Line to double the desired length.  Take a lighter to one end of the fishing line with one of the magnetic ends threaded onto the line.

Make sure the end of the magnet with the little pocket faces the end of the bracelet. (you will see what I mean)

Touch the end of the line quickly with the flame then tap so it is flattened slightly.  As soon as possible slide the magnet end over the hot bead at the end of the line. This will create a stopper.  DO NOT burn your fingers .. that is the tricky part.  The magnetic pull will be a stinker until you get used to holding the lighter near the clasp.

PRACTICE THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE IT DOWN. You will know when you are ready.

Okay now you have one end of the magnetic clasp securely on the line. Bead the rest of your bracelet.
Now comes the important part.  Place the other magnetic clasp on the line.  Make sure you have it facing the right way.

Correct will let the magnetic attract each other NOT repel. The knot should sit inside the  little pocket on each of the 2 clasp halves.

you will need a little room in the beaded section so don't snug the beads to tight between the clasp ends. 

Once you do this a couple times you will get exactly what I mean.
You are now a Magnetic Jewelry Artist :)

Buy your Line at a fishing store. Beading supply stores charge WAY more.
100# test line will not allow Swarovski crystals to slide over it.
If you are going to work with Swarovski or smaller hole beads a  lighter test will be needed.


Persons with pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps should not use magnetic jewelry it could interfere with the performance of these devices. 

Magnetic therapy has been around for centuries. It was known to have been used by healers in many countries like China, India, and Egypt to treat a variety of conditions. There are tons of books on this topic so PLEASE do your research.

Hematite is used for grounding, protecting, and healing the body. It's known to harmonize the body, mind and spirit. It boosts self-esteem, promotes boldness, confidence and willpower while soothing the spirit. Hematite calms an overactive mind, and helps to relieve insomnia. Hematite rids the body of negativity, prevents negative energy from entering your aura, and promotes the flow of positive energy, peace, abundance and good fortune. It soothes and assists in purification of the energies of our physical and energetic circulatory system. It is the most widely used stone for "grounding" and it is said to energize both the root chakra at the base of the spine & the "Faith Star" below the feet. Effective when used as a shield or to attract like-minded individuals. 

Measure your wrist or ankle with a metal tape measure to get the exact measurement not loose not tight but exact. Order 1/2" larger in size.